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Dental Emergency? 4 Reasons to See Your Emergency Dentist Instead of Going to the ER

May 14, 2020

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Person with dental emergency being treated by dentist in McKinneyThere’s never a good time to have a dental emergency. Whether you’ve fallen and broken a tooth or are experiencing a severe toothache, you want to get the treatment you need as quickly as possible. While it might not initially seem like there is a difference between going to the ER or making an emergency dental appointment, it is always the best choice to see your dentist. Your dentist in McKinney has 4 reasons why you should seek treatment at a dental office.

1.) Personalized Care

When you go to your emergency dentist for care, you are seeing someone who already has a unique understanding of both your mouth and you as a person. They will be able to use that knowledge to create a custom treatment tailored to your specific needs. If you go to the ER, you are meeting a doctor for the first time with whom you don’t have the same level of relationship. Choose your emergency dentist and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

2.) Special Training

Emergency dentists are uniquely trained to take care of your dental needs. They are constantly continuing their education to be able to handle any dental emergency that comes their way. Many dentists complete a year-long residency in a hospital after dental school learning how to treat trauma and emergencies. While a doctor in an ER may be well-qualified, they almost certainly won’t have the breadth of training that your emergency dentist will.


3.) Same-Day Appointments

Your emergency dentist wants to get you back to full health as soon as they can. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many dentists are limiting the number of regular appointments they schedule. When you call with a dental emergency, they will more than likely be able to see you that day. If you’re in dental pain, you don’t want to wait longer than you have to. Calling your emergency dentist will ensure that you’re seen swiftly.


4.) Diminishes Your Chance of Virus Exposure

Many hospitals and emergency rooms are almost at full capacity. They have to treat COVID-19 patients in addition to all other diseases that come their way. When you visit the ER, you are running the risk of exposing yourself to those viruses and bacteria. Your emergency dentist will make sure to have as few people in the office as possible, helping to give you the treatment you need at minimal risk.

Your emergency dentist is the best choice when you are in dental pain. From special training to same-day appointments, they will get you back to full health in no time. The next time you have a dental emergency, pick up the phone and give your emergency dentist a call.


About the Author

Dr. Christine Coughlin wants her patients to live their best lives. She takes pride in being able to help emergency patients get back on their feet quickly. Since graduating from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, she has spent countless hours continuing her education to be able to provide the most modern dentistry available. If you’d like to know more about how she and the team at Oakbrook Dental & Orthodontics take care of emergency patients, they’d love to speak with you. Call the office at (469) 331-4748 or send them an email.

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