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Teeth Whitening – McKinney, TX

Effective, Professional Solutions for Brighter Smiles

Woman's smile compared with tooth shade chart after professional teeth whiteningA bright white smile gives you a pulled-together, youthful appearance, and many patients want to whiten their teeth. Unfortunately, the majority of patients who come to OakBrook Dental & Orthodontics for professional teeth whitening have already wasted time and money on store bought whitening products that were ineffective. Before you try DIY teeth whitening hacks or at-home whitening kits from your local pharmacy, give our McKinney dentist a call to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation. We’ll help you determine the underlying cause of your dental discoloration and create a personalized plan for professional teeth whitening in McKinney, TX that delivers the results you want quickly and comfortably.

How do Teeth Become Discolored?

Woman receiving professional teeth whitening treatmentThere are a number of reasons why teeth may become discolored, and by determining the underlying causes of tooth staining before we begin treatment, our team is able to offer more predictable teeth whitening results. Some of the most common causes of dental discoloration include:

  • Consuming dark colored foods and drinks (red wine, coffee, berries)
  • Aging, excessive tooth enamel wear, and genetically thinner enamel all lead to a yellow tooth color due to the exposure of the dentin layers of teeth
  • Over consumption of fluoride during dental development can lead to brighter white staining on teeth called fluorosis
  • Taking tetracycline medications during dental development may lead to dark staining on teeth
  • Tobacco use can cause teeth to appear yellow, gray, or have darker staining

What Makes Zoom! Different?

Dentist performing Zoom teeth whitening on male patientZoom! teeth whitening gives us the ability to brighten patients’ smiles up to ten shades in just about an hour. Unlike store bought teeth whitening products that use low doses of whitening agent and ineffective application methods, Zoom! whitening treatment uses customized doses of professional grade teeth whitening gel to deliver the desired whitening results. The process is simple. We begin by isolating the teeth with rubber shields. Then, we apply a layer of whitening gel. The key difference in Zoom! whitening compared with other treatment options is the activation light. We place the low heat light over the teeth, and it accelerates the chemical teeth whitening process. Every twenty minutes, we will check your progress. Most patients see their desired results after about an hour.

Can I still Whiten at Home?

Take home teeth whitening kitAbsolutely. In addition to the fast, effective in-office treatment, Zoom! also has a line of take-home teeth whitening kits. Unlike store bought teeth whiteners, these professional kits include a custom crafted application tray that keeps your whitening gel on the surfaces of teeth where it belongs and seals out saliva. The take-home kit will also include professional doses of whitening gel. You’ll be able to receive the same results possible with in-office teeth whitening over the course of two weeks of daily application. You will only need to apply the whitening gel for about 30 minutes a day. This more gradual whitening process, is a great option for patients who have sensitive teeth or gums.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Your in-office and at-home Zoom! whitening results will last for six months, a year, or longer. The longevity of your results is dependent upon a number of factors. To extend the life of your whitening treatment, you’ll need to brush and floss regularly, avoid staining foods and drinks, and kick tobacco use to the curb. You can also touch up the results of your teeth whitening treatment periodically with a professional at-home teeth whitening kit. We recommend patients take a “whitening weekend” a few times each year. It doesn’t actually have to be a weekend. You simply apply two to three touch up applications using your custom whitening trays and our professional whitening gel to extend your results.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Woman with a bright smile after teeth whitening

If you are embarrassed by stained or yellow teeth, your cosmetic dentist can revamp your smile. Teeth whitening in McKinney can provide the drastic improvement you want; however, it’s normal to have some concerns. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions to ensure it is the right choice for you.

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Does teeth whitening hurt?

You don’t have to worry about any pain. Whitening gels are customizable, so your cosmetic dentist in McKinney can cater your treatment to your specific needs. It’s important to tell your dentist if you’re prone to sensitivity. They may recommend using sensitivity toothpaste to reduce the risk of any discomfort. They will also advise you to skip any hot or cold foods and drinks for a day or two. You can lessen your risk of discomfort by spacing out whitening treatments, including any OTC products or home remedies.

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening?

If you’re not confident about the appearance of your smile, teeth whitening may be an option for you. However, various factors contribute to discoloration, so you will need a teeth whitening consultation. Your dentist will identify the cause to determine if a whitening treatment is right for you. They will also check your mouth to ensure there aren’t any untreated dental issues, like tooth decay or gum disease. Your teeth and gums must be healthy before moving forward.

Does teeth whitening damage enamel?

Contrary to many rumors, whitening systems won’t harm your enamel if your teeth are healthy. In addition, it’s important to invest in the qualifications of a cosmetic dentist to brighten your smile safely. Don’t overuse any whitening treatments, including OTC systems or home remedies, to avoid causing irreversible damage to your smile. Whether you want to use an in-home treatment or OTC options, it is best to always consult with a dentist first.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Unfortunately, your results won’t be permanent; however, they can last for several months to many years with the right care. You can protect your investment with a solid oral hygiene routine at home and regular care from your dentist. It is best to avoid anything that can compromise your results, like consuming dark foods or beverages often. If you smoke or use tobacco, you may want to kick the habit to prevent tar and nicotine stains. If your bright smile begins to fade, your dentist can provide you with a touch-up kit to preserve your investment.

Is teeth whitening effective on dental crowns?

Dental crowns aren’t porous. As a result, whitening treatments won’t have any effect on their color. Your dentist will advise against whitening products because the agents can weaken the bonding material holding your restoration to your tooth. If you are concerned about color inconsistencies, your cosmetic dentist will create the strategy you need to ensure seamless results, such as replacing the crown. You can avoid future discoloration by not smoking and following the same practices as you would for your natural teeth.