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3 Tips for Patients with Dental Anxiety

February 7, 2023

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nervous patient in the dental chair

Seeing dentists for biannual checkups is vitally important to ensuring that your oral health is in good condition. Your dentist will be able to screen you for a wide variety of oral health problems while keeping your smile nice and clean.

However, many people have anxieties surrounding the dentist’s office that hold them back from getting the care that they need. If you’re one of them, learning to manage that anxiety is key to getting the smile you deserve! Here are three tips you can use if visiting the dentist makes you nervous.


How Does Teeth Grinding Age Your Face?

January 19, 2023

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A woman suffering from teeth-grinding

Like many people, you may grasp that tooth stains age your face. It makes sense in hindsight – a dirty, yellow smile can seem haggard and worn out. That said, did you know that teeth-grinding makes you look older too? Indeed, a short, flat tooth can appear as aged as a yellow one. Still, there is hope: your local dentist can help you keep this habit in check. To that end, here’s a summary of how grinding teeth ages you and ways to prevent it.


Why A Professionally Crafted Nightguard Is Worth the Investment

January 11, 2023

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picture of someone sleeping soundly

Millions of Americans grind their teeth, especially at night. So-called “sleep bruxism” is estimated to affect around 13% of adults and a much higher proportion of children. Grinding your teeth at night can seriously affect your oral health, often in ways you may not realize.

If you have sleep bruxism, your dentist will likely recommend that you get a night guard to protect your teeth. You may be tempted to get one at your local pharmacy, or just not get a nightguard at all. Here’s why having your dentist craft you a nightguard is worth it.


Can You Get Invisalign on Just Your Top Teeth?

December 23, 2022

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smiling person holding an Invisalign aligner

Invisalign was created in 1997 as an alternative to traditional braces. It works in the same way as metal braces by moving your teeth and jaw into more ideal positions over a series of months or years. Since the late 90s, Invisalign has helped millions of people achieve straighter, more uniform, and more confident smiles. With that being said, some people only want to fix one arch of their teeth. But is this possible? Keep reading to learn if getting Invisalign on just your top teeth is a good option.


A Guide to the Holiday Season with Invisalign

November 19, 2022

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A festive woman holding an Invisalign tray

If you’re like most people, the holidays are a hectic time for you. You may visit relatives, buy Christmas gifts, or host various guests. As such, it’s not surprising that you might forget the smaller things this season. Still, you shouldn’t let the situation derail your Invisalign treatment — doing so will delay your straight smile! That being the case, your McKinney dentist has ways to help you. Here are a few ways to stay on track with your aligners during the festivities.


Tips for Enhancing Your Smile on a Budget

November 17, 2022

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A dentist explaining dental financing to a patient

In many cases, people can get a more beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry. That’s only natural — the latter whitens, brightens, and even straightens teeth with its treatments! Still, you may fear cosmetic dental procedures would exceed your budget. After all, they often aren’t covered by dental insurance. In truth, though, there are ways you can make them more affordable. To prove it, your McKinney dentist has some evidence. Here are four dental financing tips that stop dental care from breaking the bank.


You Can Use Dental Insurance for Invisalign

October 31, 2022

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Woman inserting clear alignerDid you miss your chance for braces as a child? Maybe your teeth have shifted over the years? No matter the reason, Invisalign is the preferred choice in orthodontics for adults. 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is over the age of 18, thanks to less noticeable treatments, like clear aligners. Although it’s never too late to improve your smile, time is running out to use your dental insurance to lower the cost. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get a straight smile, this is it.


Solutions for Common Causes of Yellow Teeth

September 24, 2022

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Yellow teeth before and after treatmentBright white teeth are associated with youth, confidence, and success; however, few people have flawless smiles naturally. Teeth come in a variety of shades and tones. Not to mention, they change color over the years for various reasons. Understanding what causes yellow teeth is the first step to revamping your smile. Here are the most common culprits behind tooth discoloration and what you can do to eliminate stains.


Straight Teeth Are More Than Aesthetics

September 12, 2022

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Model of traditional metal bracesStraight, attractive teeth are associated with youth, success, and happiness; however, few people have flawless smiles naturally. Aesthetic concerns can take many forms, but gapped, overcrowded, and tilted teeth are common complaints. Although many people view alignment issues as cosmetic problems, poorly aligned teeth can affect your health and quality of life in several ways. If you’ve been putting off getting braces, here are 5 reasons to make the investment.


Can Orthodontic Treatment Correct Some Oral Health Issues?

August 31, 2022

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person wondering about orthodontic treatment and oral health

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, white smile to show off to their friends and family, but achieving that look may seem like a daunting task. Having crooked, gapped teeth can make your smile look imperfect and cause your confidence to take a hit. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment can correct these issues. Whether you choose braces or Invisalign, you’ll start seeing improvements before you know it. There are also several oral health benefits to undergoing orthodontic treatment, so read on to learn about three of them.

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